Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You know you're a great cook, when?

My dh tells a story of how when he was a boy, that he was supposed to help paint a fence. An older gentleman told him that a "good painter always has paint all over him". So - my dh would paint one swipe on the fence and one swipe down his clothes! -mmhmm

So- I ask you-
you know you're a good cook -when?
Maybe its when you not only burn the element out in your oven after Easter dinner has cooked- but you burn it right IN HALF! ;-)


Joy said...

Ok so I knew you cooked alot but man you must REALLY cook alot and how you do that and stay looking awesome I will never know!

Did you get it fixed? Was it expensive?


Donna said...

It cost me $32!
But thankfully it is fixed! Whew!
I cannot believe it burned right in half!