Monday, May 3, 2010

Freebies in your local community:

Summer is coming and soon there will be "freebies" popping up in many communities.
We found a brochure at our local library that pointed us to "Nature Fest" in our community. There were some activities scheduled at our local park, but the rain drowned out most of those, but there were several really 'fun for kids' kinda classes at our local college. Here's some pics from the "Birds of Prey" class that we got to attend- and all FREE by the way! ;-)

We got to hear about what they ate(boys love this stuff!), how big they can grow to, and how these particular birds came to be in captivity.
(Interesting story about one of the owls- he was only 1/3 his potential size because he had been found by a family who fed him things like hot dogs- hmm - 'magine that!)
We also took a class on snakes, another on caves, my older boys went to one about organic gardening, but the one they enjoyed the most dealt with what the T.W.R.A. really did! (Enforcing hunting and fishing laws, helping rescue after Katrina, rescuing those who got too close to dams and were pulled in, etc)
Checking the local paper, radio station, TV channel, and your library can help you find out what "freebies" are being offered in and around your communities too!


Joy said...

Great pics! We really LOVED this! Hoping we get to go next year Lord willing.
Thanks so much for letting us know about it! I really enjoyed myself and my kids LOVED it!

Donna said...

I'm so glad you all got to go!
My kids really enjoyed it too!
I'm tryin' to keep my ears open for more activities! Surely there'll be some more!