Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nashville Flood Video...

My dh, my children, and I have walked on many of these streets, sat in some of these buildings and drove on some of these highways and roads. Its unimaginable to see these pics. The Titans Stadium has 4 feet of water and the Gaylord/Opryland Hotel- fancy fancy- has I believe they said, 9 feet of water inside. The Grand Old Opry is flooded.

We live between one and a half and two hours from these places.

The worst story that I've heard out of this storm is about a mother in Mississippi. She heard the tornado coming and threw a mattress over her children and then laid on top of it. She didn't make it, but her children were saved. The love of a mother! May God provide for those precious children that she left behind.

Viewing these- it made me just stare in awe at the power and might of God. I'm thankful for His mercy- and that we didn't see that kind of flooding in our area. The pictures and the reality of them, are just unthinkable!

MUTE the sound if you like- there's your warning ;-)


Joy said...

I am in such awe as well, I just can't believe how much damage there is. I am also amazed at how MIGHTY our Lord is. Can you imagine the great flood in Noah's time? All the ppl here then, I thank God for mercy and grace and his new mercies he gives to me everyday!

Donna said...

I saw pics of Opry Mills tonight- no words to describe the shock it gives you to see that.

May God keep the rain away until they can dry out! I can't imagine how they'll ever get all of it cleaned up!