Friday, May 7, 2010

Two Days of shopping= tons of food!

My once-a-month shopping trip went far better than I expected. I had looked at the shopper guides and got a little bummed out about the prices, but, I managed to do pretty good in spite of that. Seems there were lots of good in-store sales and some very handy coupons!!! This month I splurged a little more, on some junky stuff, than I normally do, due to the fact that we'll have to spend more time in the garden in the next few weeks and I had some really good coupons that some how seemed to make it okay! ;-)

Here's some of what I brought in;
30 lbs split fryer chicken breasts
20 lbs chicken legs
40 pounds chicken quarters
several pounds of natural sausage
several pounds of bacon
rib eye loin sliced very thin for several meals of steaks
several pounds of nitrate free hot dogs (on sale at 2/$3)
20 lbs ground beef
several cans of tuna
canned salmon
frozen salmon fillets, wild caught
2 bags of shrimp
1 box popcorn shrimp (coupon)
1 bag of fish sticks (coupon)
ground chicken
turkey polish sausage for butter beans
2 packs of bologna for bologna cups
13 dozen eggs (.79)
15 lbs sugar
12 lbs of cane sugar
5 lbs 10-grain cereal mix
40lbs apples
6 lbs green grapes
6lbs onions
15 lbs cabbage
5 lbs carrots
6 avocado
green onions
100lbs potatoes (on sale at 5.99 for 50lbs)
2lbs asparagus
6 romaine hearts
8 roma tomatoes
1 lb grape tomatoes
4x 8oz mushrooms
1 box spinach (hopefully mine from the garden will be in soon!)
6lbs lemons
pomegranate/acai juice (b1g1f coup)
tortilla chips
dried fruits
12 lbs roast
choc chips
1 gallon of mayo
1 gallon of dressing
several boxes of cereal (I was able through sales and coupons to get these for about $1 a box, shame on me but my kids are excited to bits! and I got coups for $5 off my next purchase!)
several kinds of dried beans
brown rice
canned goods, such as tomatoes
whole grain pasta
frozen veggies

There's more, I just can't remember it all.
I also saved $179 at Kroger's between coupons and my Kroger plus card! I also earned coupons worth $11 off my next purchase there. Not to mention that earned me some sweet fuel points- which saves me .10 a gallon on gas!!!


Joy said...

sounds like you did great!

Donna said...

Thanks Joy!
Its always a wonderful relief to have a house full of food!!! I am so blessed!