Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Homemade Sour Gummy Worms...

My kids LOVED these- better than the other ones I made before...and begged for more!
1 small box flavored jello
6 packets plain gelatin
1 cup of water
Heat slowly over medium heat stirring well.
Once dissolved-
Add 1 pack lemon flavored kool-aid OR 2 to 3 T bottled lemon juice.
Pour into 9x13.
Chill in freezer for 15 minutes until set.
Cut into strips- I mean worms! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Going to have to try this! Hubby loves sour gummy worms..really sour ones.

Donna said...

I hope this hits the spot!
My kids loved it, but its not super sour, perhaps another pack of lemonade koolaid would make it as tart as those super sour ones from the store ;-)

Joy said...

wow these look good just wish I could find the time to make them! Life seems to be going way to fast right now

Donna said...

Your kiddies would love them!
Yes, life sure seems to be in the fast lane these days- ahhh the joys of summer! Hope you all are having a great one!

Anonymous said...

Just made these as black cherry w/2 kool-aid packets..very sour for my taste. Only took 3 mins to make and 15 mins in the freezer. Cuts nicely with a pizza cutter.

Donna said...

Oh yummy! Black cherry sounds great!

Thanks for posting- I will have to use the pizza cutter - great idea!

Shane said...

To make sour just like the store product, you need to get some Citric Acid powder... thats the chemical found in citrus.. but super concentrated and no flavour.. just sour