Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh bugger- beggars!- and lessons we learn from them

My dh has taught these two about the love of food. Now they harass him every waking minute of the day, especially if he is close to the kitchen.

It's amazing how different their personalities are and how different they are treated as a result. The bigger one, Penny, is a little- how should I say it- dysfunctional! Yeah, she has separation anxiety issues and she's apt to just 'flip out'.

Then, Lil Abby. Abby is our "eternal puppy" and she knows it! She looks like a puppy and acts just as playful as one. She's also called "my humble servant" too. When I call her, she will come and sit in front of me, bow her head and roll over on her back. (Everyone else thinks she's being so humble, but this is only a trick- to a belly rubbin'!)
Our family is learning some valuable lessons from these two. To have mercy and compassion on those who are more helpless and/or who may be vulnerable emotionally.
The other day I used Penny in a lesson with the children. She was really acting up as we had been in and out, going back and forth to the garden. She was crying, howling, and shaking. We are taking steps working with her, but she still has a ways to go.
Well, some of the children had been picking at some of the others. I asked them what did they think would happen to Penny if she was in a pack of dogs. They said they would destroy her. I asked them why. They said they would weed out the weak.
They were right. I then told them that often times there is a tendency in humans to act this same way towards those who are weaker. We often see bullies pick on the kids who appear to be the weakest and least likely to pick back in school.
I then reminded them that we are not animals and we cannot behave that way.
I then reminded them of the kindness and compassion that we show Penny, when she is weak, yet we try to take steps to help her be strong and overcome her weaknesses.
I reminded them that the Bible teaches that a wise man "regards" the life of his beast and how much more people are worth if they are made in His image.
They understood this lesson very well....and they've gotten much better with that behavior!

Prov. 20: 11Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right.


楊韋以 said...
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Domestic Goddess said...

Ahh, what cute lit'l beggers you have there Donna!