Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Garden Goodies...

Its so so SO fun, exciting, and frugal, to get a fresh meal out of your own garden!
From my best guess, my garden has already paid for all the seeds and plants that I used to start it.
So from here on out, its ''profit''!


The Prudent Homemaker said...


What's in the second picture?

I am harvesting peaches, grapes, and apples by the basketfuls here. I also got a few zuchinni to grow! (So we let them grow really big!)

I really hope to get cucumbers like you are; I have hundreds of flowers, but not enough bees; I have only harvested 5 cucumbers so far. I would love to make pickles! I may have to try hand-pollinating them.

Donna said...


The second picture is purple hull cowpeas/ pinkeyed peas (they are like blackeyed peas 'cept only prettier!), also okra and green tomatoes, which were fried together in cornmeal! Yummy! Our fave!

My first zukes bombed after just a few. Something killed them that also hurt the pumpkins. I have a about 5 new zuke plants coming up and I'm hoping they will fair better.

My cukes are slowing down, but I planted a late batch that I hope will yield as the first, but I'm growing them on the ground, so far, unless I can get them up soon, they are growing faster than I can keep up!

How do you hand pollinate?