Friday, July 9, 2010

Golden Bantam Heirloom Corn...

I'm so proud of this little beauty! Finally, heirloom corn! yah!

We've had several good ears, but I will admit, I have LOTS to learn about growing corn!

Like: Solving pollination problems, pest control, yucky worms, and organic fertilizing!


alecat said...

We love corn here. Golden bantam is a great variety. If you haven't picked it all yet, leave a couple of good cobs on the plant for next years seed (it won't be edible as the sugar would have all converted to starch).

Didn't you get good pollination?
If you plant in a block (square) then usually the wind takes care of it all. Planting in rows minimises success. (Just a suggestion .. you may have know that already though. ☺

Catherine (aka alecat)

Donna said...


My dh LOVES corn! To him, the garden is all about the corn! ;-)

Thank U for the tip and if you have more, please do tell me more!

The first year, we planted rows. It did pretty good but we had several together. 2nd year, long rows, not good. This year, planted in a block, but it didn't all come up. Birds and not enough water. We replanted and it all came up at different times. Some of the ears are skimpy. I just planted another block several weeks ago, that I'm trying to keep a closer eye on and keep watered so it grows well, quick, without birds, and at the same rate. I sooo hope that it fairs better!

Bantam really is a nice corn though. Pretty, plump, sweet!