Friday, July 9, 2010

Growing garlic....

Remember how I told you that you can grow garlic from cloves of the garlic sold in the grocery store? Well, here's the proof!


Just sink in the dirt, pointed side up, and they will grow!

They are ready to be pulled and dried when they die back like you see in the pic.

(We love the tops cut up and used in place of green onions too.)


alecat said...

Woo hoo! Well done!
A friend of mine harvested a whole heap of garlic not long ago. She couldn't believe she could fill a large bowl with what was originally one head of garlic.

Kim said...

I planted my garlic last fall. Unfortunately, the squirrels liked it so much that they dug it all up. I'm going to need a better plan for this fall.

Donna said...

Kim, most of this was planted in early spring. Some last fall, but I added a lot more early in spring.
This is the first time I've let it grow to a full bulb. We usually keep the tops cut, eating them like green onions :-)

It is amazing how garlic reproduces so much!

Gardening is truly fascinating to me- how one tiny seed can grow into big plants, produce pounds of food, and be gone, in just a few months time...amazing!