Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today: pickles

Tomorrow will be banana peppers, which my kids like better than pickles! Do you see those big slices? My kids said they'd make perfect hamburger pickles! ;-)
A funny- my youngest came in and was talking (up a storm) while I was putting the lids on...well....one of the pints went into the canner without a band- the rest is history!
BTW, canning is so easy and fun! And it really didn't take all that long either.
-Yesterday, I spent about 15 minutes washing and slicing them, then placing them in ice and lime. This morning, I rinsed them, packing them back in ice. When I had time, I took about 40 minutes or so and canned them, while changing out laundry and cleaning up the kitchen.
4 quarts and 5 pints of dill pickles!

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