Monday, August 23, 2010

2kinds of Kings...

The book of Samuel deals with 2 kings; Saul-the people's choice and David-the Lord's choice.

I can't help but find these two completely fascinating! They seem to be complete opposites when it comes to the Lord, His will, and His way.

David is said to be a man after God's own heart. Saul is said to have 'an evil spirit from the Lord' sometimes and at other's 'the spirit of the Lord departed from him' and at the beginning; 'the spirit of the Lord was upon him'.

We have David, who refuses to kill Saul when he's seemingly in a 'kill or be killed' situation. We see David thanking Abigail for preventing him from avenging himself against Nabal.

We see Saul as, what surely appeared to be, bipolar! Seriously, he is a roller coaster of emotions!
Up and down, and round and round!

But I find myself laughing out loud, every time I read the account between Saul and Samuel. Saul claiming he obeyed God and killed all of the enemy, while saying at the same time that he kept their king alive and that his men kept the choicest of animals to sacrifice to God. And he repeats it several times.

Have you ever talked to anyone in that frame of mind? They claim they're doing right, while they are doing wrong!?!

Saul was instructed by God, through Samuel, to kill ALL of the enemy, even their animals. He tells Samuel that he did obey the Lord AND that he kept the king.

That's like saying "I'm not really reading this but I am"....or "No I didn't cook supper but here's your plate of hot food".

David, some time later, gets confronted about his sin with Bathsheba and immediately shows contrition. He's broken instantly.

I read the story to my children and I silently prayed...."God, please let them have the heart of King David and please, please, never let them have the stubbornness of King Saul"..............

Adultery and bloodshed, God forgave, but rebellion towards the Spirit of God cost Saul the kingdom.

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