Friday, August 6, 2010

Have you ever...?

Ever stopped at a stranger's house and ask them for the apples and pears around their trees?
Me too! ;-)
They let me have all that we could pick up from the ground, telling me that the ones on the tree were not quite ripe. Happy was I to pick them up from the yard! Asian and Bartlett pears and Winesap and other apples. And see those grapes? Those are the wildest grapes that I've ever tasted! They tasted sorta like muscadines- so good! (He gave me a few clusters of those too.)

And as good as that was, better still was the info they willingly shared with me about gardening and the like!
Like rusty nails in the ground to help heal a peach tree= iron.
Perhaps only a frugal, garden-loving geek, like myself, could have had more fun! ;-)
God is good!
And I guess we'll see how good I am at processing them tomorrow!


Joy said...

We do the same thing! Nothing wrong with gleaning. It is so amazing how many ppl want you to glean! We gleaned grapes this year for the first time! I made grape juice and planning on making grape jelly! Hopefully we will be gleaning apples and pears before to long too!
God is so good isn't he!

Donna said...

Oh Joy- I wish you could see that couple's yard! Their fruit trees are beautiful!
Woo hoo for your grapes!
I haven't done grapes since Keenan and Krestan were babies :-) Grapes are a lot of fun.