Sunday, August 8, 2010

What I made from the free fruit:

I made 4 quarts and 2 pints of Chunky Apple-Pear Sauce. This is some of the prettiest and thickest sauce that I've ever made, very good!I dried most of the pears and the folks I got them from were right!- They do taste like candy, sweet! And you don't have to dip them in anything, just dry and store (in freezer for long-term).
I always make 'juice' from the scraps. With the juice I made about 5 1/2 pints of Green Mint Jelly...

....and after picking basil from the garden, made a nice Yellow Basil Jelly. It is really good, don't let the name fool you!

And I still had 3 quarts of leftover juice to can!

And since the fruit was free and I had bought some Sure-Jell last year when it went on clearance, and all my jars are from previous years, all I had to cough up was sugar! Hack! Hack!



A.Marie said...

I have never heard of yellow basil jelly. Would you mind sharing the recipe? It looks lovely!!!

I love free fruit...I got my hands on free apples last year and made chunky sauce for my family and for my folks. My mom just loves it!

Joy said...

Wow looks great! What is in the mint jelly it is so pretty! Yellow basil sounds good too! Good for you!

偉曹琬 said...

Every dog has his day.............................................................

Donna said...

A Marie and Joy,
To be honest, on these two batches of jelly, I tried to go low sugar and they turned out a little thin, however!!!:) you can use any basic apple, pear, or white grape jelly recipe! ...Any semi-clear juice would work!

For the basil;
add to the basic recipe(in the juice) 2 T fresh chopped basil leaves and a drop of yellow coloring for each cup of juice used in the recipe

For the mint;
add to the basic recipe (in the juice) 1 teaspoon of mint flavoring (per 6 cups of juice) and a drop of green coloring for every cup of juice used in the recipe

Easy peasy!

The Prudent Homemaker said...


I saw a lavender jelly recipe like that. The used grape juice and then lavender blossoms.

Donna said...

Sounds wonderful!
I have dried ones, bet they'd work too!Thanks!!