Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kitchen tip: green onions

My tip is:
Chop up green onions and store them in a airtight containers in the fridge, right after you bring them home.

They last longer this way and they are so convenient to just grab and toss a handful in a dish for a great mild onion flavor and/or a nice touch of color .
(These will be used -in salads, in Mexican dishes, as garnish on casseroles and soups, and maybe even an omelet or frittata!)

These were my last ones in the garden :(

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wifeofjoshua said...

Do they really last longer that way?! I didn't know that! Will definitely have to give this a try. :D

Joy said...

great tip will be trying it for sure!!!

Donna said...


I've found that mine don't 'wilt' as fast when chopped ;-)

Thanks Joy!

Donna said...

wife of joshua,
just a note:

I still have some of these in the fridge, a week later and they are still in great shape.

Donna said...
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