Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Keeping it simple...

I like to keep homemade pita bread around in ziplocs, for a quick snack or meal. They can be stuffed with just about anything! PB&J, tuna or chicken salad, butter and honey, leftover spaghetti or other pasta dish, leftover shredded meats, scrambled eggs and cheese, beans and cheese, beans and rice, taco fixings, sandwich fixings, steamed veggies, cheese and then heated, and just about anything else! ;-)
This time of year gets busy for our house. Home School is starting back up, we go walking several nights a week, and the winter prep for the garden has to be done as well. Keeping meals good and simple Works for Me!

A main meat dish, often prepared earlier in the day, easy sides, or refrigerator rolls (or butter-grilled leftover bread) all help to pull a fairly quick meal together.


Joy said...

It seems I can NEVER get my pita bread to turn out right! I need to try again!

Donna said...

Joy, I'm gonna try to get some pita baking tips up tomorrow :-)