Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Puffless Pita Pockets?


Ever put your pita bread in the oven, only to remove a flat frisbee?
Me too!

Well, I've discovered that I've usually added to much flour and my dough is a little too stiff when that happens. Yes, rising time is important and I usually let them rise while the oven is preheating and they are ok- except when my dough is too stiff.

Pita dough should be very light, it should be soft to the lightest touch. Not sticky, but light enough that it would certainly need a little extra (light) dusting of flour to have to roll it out. If your dough can be rolled out without a light dusting of flour and if you are really having to press on your rolling pin- you may also end up with a flat pita!

But don't despair, even if they are flat!
You can often cut them in half and slice them open with a knife, or stuff and fold them like a taco.

With Tammy's (excellent) whole wheat pita recipe, she uses a good dose of gluten, which help keep your dough nice and soft, but if you are using another recipe that doesn't use gluten and uses all wheat, you could also try subbing 1 cup of wheat flour for plain white flour for a little more softness.

hApPy BaKiNg!


Anonymous said...

Great tip, Donna! :) I have also found that rolling pita bread too thin will make it pocket-less. :) I didn't know that about dough that's too stiff, but it makes sense! :)

Donna said...

Ahhh, you are right!
Thanks for adding that :-)