Monday, September 27, 2010


(Pizza Pockets (and peach pockets) using Laura's recipe, except with kefir)
I will be trying to fix up some healthy "convenience'' foods for my crew this week. We will be taking some nightly walks (and 'picnics') through the old part of 'town' and stopping in on Shakespeare In the Park! This is a free play they are doing throughout the rest of this month. Dh and I would love to sit through the whole thing but the kids...boy do they have a different view!

We caught a few minutes of the show the other night and after being seated for less than 2 minutes, one of my own comedians got up and whispered in my ear "if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go hang myself now".
Funny, kid!

Remember the line in Toy Story from Potato Head about "you uncultured swine"? Well no, I didn't say that BUT I thought about it and how I had taken them to see ALL three of those and I had been a good little mother and sat through all of them, without even ONE complaint- why can't I see ONE Shakespeare In the Park? ;-)

Now- for Menu Plan Monday!

Breakfast will be: oatmeal, homemade french toast sticks from the freezer, biscuits from the freezer, Coconut-pecan pancakes from the freezer

-Salmon Patties, peas and carrots, creamy pasta
-Pita bread stuffed with tuna salad, apples, Chewies
Snacks: yogurt, apple slices, popcorn
-chicken tacos, dark chocolate brownies
-snack supper
Snacks: smores around the fire pit
-Chicken Soup, toasted pita bread
-Grilled BBQ chicken thighs, green salad, rustic rolls
Snacks: Real Pumpkin Pecan Cakes, carrots and celery sticks
-grilled salmon fillets, lima beans, steamed cauliflower
- Pizza Pockets, carrot sticks, apples, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Snacks:  Tutti Fruity Compote over White Cake, chips and homemade salsa
-Baked Chicken Cheddar Pasta, spinach, mapled carrots
-stuffed burritos, salsa and veggies, dried pears
Snacks: sour gummy worms, apple slices, popcorn
-Grilled Maple-Dijon chicken, green beans, corn
-pita bread stuffed with chicken salad, sliced apples,
Snacks: Banana Split Yogurt Smoothie, juice from the juicer, popcorn
-Cranberry Beans and Bacon, spinach, corn, cornbread
- pita bread stuffed with egg salad, carrots and dip, Glazed Apricot Molasses cake-like bars
Snacks: Chocolate Covered Cream Filled Donuts, raisins, cottage cheese in peppers


Collins family said...

Do you freeze your biscuit dough or do you cook the biscuits and then freeze?

Donna said...

Collins Family,

I freeze them as soon as I cut them.

I lay them out while the oven preheats, bake them at 400...I usually put a pan on the lower rack to prevent over browning too.

Joy said...

menu looks great..I couldn't get anyone here to go watch that play..sounds amazing though!