Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sprinkled Donuts-

Saturday, we had a very late lunch so I decided to do something that I've NEVER done for supper- make donuts!
Now when snoopy the kid told the other kids that mom said she was making donuts with milk and coffee for supper- all the other kids said "no way".
So I spoke up and said, "Oh yes I am! But they are stuffed with spinach!" :-)
For some reason- they believed that MORE!
But of course, it wasn't true ;-)
I used my recipe for Chocolate-Covered Creme-Filled Donuts to make these and the icing found here.
(But just so you know, right before bed, they had a veggie and cheese plate;)

When life demands frugality- you can still find ways to have fun!
Do something totally different!
The kids had me rolling laughing because they were in such shock that I would allow this...and dh had me in stitches nearly as he fake-pouted about no real supper-  lol. (It went something like this; "All these years this woman brings me a hot plate of food and now- 'get your own leftovers because I'm not cooking' ". hee hee)


Joy said...

Sounds great to me! We had donuts last week when I had a relapse and was so sick again..went to the DR. again last tuesday had a severe reaction AGAIN!!!! My mom came and made us donuts and they look just like yours except we added some fudge frosting too with sprinkles..sometimes life just calls for donuts!
we need to get together soon..I am finally better..I can speak! Woohoo praise the Lord!

Donna said...

Glad 2 hear your better- and Yah! for your mom coming to make donuts! What a treat!