Monday, November 1, 2010

Apple Orchard Trip!

Saturday, we got to go to the Apple Orchard!
...ah one of my favorite places in the whole wide world!
This is the orchard, on a hillside.
You can smell the apples when you get out of your car!

Here's 2 bushels of drops that I bought for $10 a box. Not bad, huh?
Some will be juiced, lots will be eaten, some may get canned! ;-)
You know what these are?
I bought  a peck of these Arkansas Black Apples, otherwise known as Winter Apples.
Why? Well, most of you know, I'm sure, but just in case you don't...these apples are very firm and crisp and will store easily through the winter.
Lord willing, we will go get a box (or 2, fingers crossed) of these to store. The drops will be $10!
I ate 2 of these on the way home!~
We love apples!
Its so exciting to go to the orchard!


The Prudent Homemaker said...

Did you knw there's a blogcalled "Inside a Black Apple"? :) She has some fun artwork.

I have heard of those, but I have not seen them. Very cool.

Joy said...

My husbands great uncle loves Arkansas blacks because they are so soft when they are stored!
Where is the orchard your visit. The one we got to usually take us about and hour..I have been paying 12 a box for seconds, some which were HUGE apples. We have a box of winesaps and a box of jonagold/mutsus in the fridge right now. Would love some more to sauce and dry. We LOVE apples as well such a frugal fruit!
Woo hoo for you!!

Donna said...

NO! I didn't- I will have to check it out.

These are neat- I like them right now because they are so crisp and I loathe a mushy apple! But they are too much for the kids, but I hope to get some and see how they store. I knew an old timer years ago that used to get them and would have them in Jan and Feb!

This is down in Buffalo Valley right off 40.
It'd be closer!

Its the 3rd exit (I think) past the Willow exit. About 10 to 15 minutes outside of the city. Its called Hurricane Valley Orchard.

Tip- call them ahead of time to make sure you can get drops. They don't always have them ready. I called and she told me to give them 2 hours. I think they are open til 6 in the evening right now. It'd save you a few bucks and a few miles. :-)

My drops are all mixed, mostly gala I think.