Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Frugal, At-home Halloween

The favored game was Stuff the Fatman. This Fatman is my non-fat 15yr old, surrounded by his giggling siblings.
Apple Bobbing-always fun
Our mini-jacks, the objects of the game Hide and Go Seek the Jacks!
Halloween Soup- butternut squash soup
15yr old got the job of carving the pumpkin, not bad for his first one!
"Bloody Gummies" and Molded Chocolate


Christy said...

Can you tell me more about "stuffing the fat man?" Looks like the kids were having a ball. :)

Donna said...

They were and I was nearly rolling the floor!

We found the biggest,stretchiest, old tshirt, collected all the pillows in the house, each kiddie took a turn in the shirt, while all the other kids stuffed every pillow they could up into the shirt!

The 'stuffed' kid in the pic is about 5'6 and weighs about 130. Here you see him looking like about 400!