Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kitchen Tip:

My Kitchen Tip for Tuesday is:
always keep an opened box of baking soda above (or beside) your oven!

During the holidays, I had a spill that flamed up in the oven....not all that unusual for me...
if you remember last year, I cooked til I burned the element in two in the oven ;-) ...
I'm just hoping now, that me and the oven aren't developing the same kind of crazy relationship
that I've had with the blender(s)!

But, if you ever have a fire, baking soda will put it right out!

And remember- never throw water on a grease fire...if you don't believe me, ask Mythbusters! ;-)


"The Smelly Lady" said...

good tip! The first time I ever had a fire on the stove (electric) I used flour first. BIG MISTAKE! I don't remember if I had any baking soda or not, but I used a lid, which fit over the burner perfectly, to put it out. Quite scary....specially after the flour.

Joy said...

Great tip! I had a grease fire on the electric stove before! Grease fires are very scary!

Donna said...

I never would have thought flour would cause a big problem- thanks for the warning!!! :-)

Yes! lids are a great stopper- no oxygen, no flame! Good idea!

Donna said...

The worst fire situation I ever had was years ago, a pail-sized citronella candle was on my porch and the flame got way out of hand, the whole candle was on fire. I thought "it's just a candle so a little water should put it out" ...HA! The flame shot up and scorched the awning over the porch and the wax splattered everywhere. I actually called the Fire Department at that point to tell me the best way to put it out...
It's funny...now. :-)

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

I didn't know flour would cause a problem, either! I put my only kitchen fire out by covering it with a lid while I went to go get the fire extinguisher, then I realized I didn't want to have to clean up after it and/or get a new one so I dumped baking soda on it. :>) Kitchen fires sure do get your heart going, though!

Donna said...


I've always been afraid that I wouldn't be able to get an extinguisher to even work when I really needed it- perhaps we should use the old one for 'run' one day, to teach everyone how to use it! :-)
(My 5 boys (and the girl) would love that!)