Friday, February 25, 2011

Ricotta Stuffed Crepes with Cherry Sauce-

 I'll start by sharing the recipe for the ricotta filling...mmmmmMMMMmmmm!
The whole time I was making it..I kept muttering..."oh ricotta, ricotta". The kids said "what's so good about ricotta?" I said- ''YOU'LL SEE!'' (Ricotta is kinda pricey so its rare that I get it, but I LOVE IT in these! It's wonderful!....So will you- YOU'LL SEE! :)

Ricotta Filling
30 oz container of ricotta
2/3 cup sugar
1/2 t vanilla
pinch salt
1/4 cup half and half (or cream)
1/4 cup semi-sweet choc. chips pulsed in the blended for several seconds (it will chop some and dust others but it's okay...leave some in chunks)
Blend ricotta, sugar, vanilla, salt, half and half, adding choc chips last, stirring just until mixed through. Chill.

Cherry Sauce:
4 cups frozen tart cherries
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup sugar
2 T cornstarch
Simmer cherries in water, covered, until softened. (About 5 minutes.)
Mix the sugar and cornstarch well. Add to cherries, stirring until thickened. Allow to cool.

2 eggs
pinch salt
1 cup flour (unbleached here)
1 1/3 cup milk
2 T melted butter
Beat eggs well. Add salt and flour and about half the milk.
Beat well until the lumps are out, beat in the butter.
Add remaining milk, beating well to break up any flour lumps.
Cook in very lightly butter pan on low-medium heat. Pour about 3 to 4 tablespoons of batter in the center of the pan and hold the pan up off the eye, and swirl to form circle (while you're pouring). Cook until set, use spatula and fingers to flip.
*I made a double batch of them to use for the next day!

Topped with whipped heavy cream-makes them even better!

Tip: I make the crepes during a 'downtime' and store them between waxed paper in the fridge until ready to use. This cuts way down on prep time.

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