Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Chasin' Air": Is she beggin' for attention or what?!?!!???!?

No- this is not something she typically does- nor would I let her get by with this....but see....little miss playful LOVES the Air-spray can. You know- the kind you use to clean computers and electronics with? 

Well, every now and then, I'll blow the keys out- and given that's one of her favorite 'toys' to 'chase' (well, she thinks she can actually bite it- the air that is)--- she pounced on the keys in an effort to 'catch' it!

And she's staring at me- determined not to MOVE until she catches that air!
(...sigh...and she waits until I either put it up, or spray it again....)

Abby! Get down from there!


Joy said...

She is precious!

Donna said...

She's a silly pup!

She plays all day long- demanding either someone else play along or at a minimum, give her belly rubs!