Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kitchen Tip: Another Pita Bread Tip

Welcome to Kitchen Tip Tuesdays!

 (Before I begin may I ask you to pardon the flour mess?:) You should 've seen the floor!;)
I posted before about Puff-less Pitas and stiff doughs.

But I have another suggestion if you are still having trouble getting your pita bread to puff up like a Puffer Fish!

It you look at the two unbaked pita above, do you notice anything?
The one on the left is puffy and soft.
The one on the right is wrinkly and deflated some.
If I stick them in the oven, just like this, the one on the right probably won't puff.

What did I do to cause this?
I moved them!
I let them rise on the counter and tried to lift them without de-puffing to this rack. It worked with one but not the other.

So my tip?
Try to let them rise on whatever you are going to bake them on. Moving them can knock the puffy rise right out of them! They can't help it- they're just sorta sensitive that way ;-)

Hope that helps get you closer to a Puffy Pita!
(If they fail- you can often slice them open with a sharp knife or kitchen scissors.)
I love Tammy's Whole Wheat Pita Recipe!


Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

It's funny, I only seem to want pitas in the summer with chicken salad... yet winter is the time to make them in that HOT oven! :>) I also found that making sure my counter was well-floured helped with the puffing (though I still moved them - not enough cooling racks!) I haven't stopped by in a while - I like the new look! Makes me think of spring. :>)

Donna said...

Hi Lenetta!

I agree- Pita puts me in mind of summer sandwiches...but its always sooooo hot!(Especially if you crank an oven up to 500!;) ...I often bake them up in one setting and store them in the fridge...but they're never as good as fresh!

Thanks 4 the flour tip- YES- that helps too!