Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What are you putting in that buggy?

This is a question I've asked myself on more than one occasion...especially now that gas prices and grocery prices are sneaking right back up again!

Help me, if you will, with my figures!
One package of super cool zippety-doo-dah cookies could easily cost you $4.
Toss in a couple of extra kids, a hungry husband, and you'll need at least 2 or 3 of those. So-$12? per week?
So- $48 per month for 'cookies'?

Pretty insane when you look at cookies that way, huh?

Well, now let's consider some basics!
25 lbs sugar under $10
25 lbs of flour $10?
oil $3? times 2 =$6
pound of butter $2 times 2 = $4
chocolate chips .99 per pound times 3 (its chocolate!) $2.97
dozen eggs .79 times 3= $2.37

My guesses tell me that would make cookies for 3 months! For less than store-bought cookies for 1 month.
Throw in a jar of peanut butter that was on sale last week for $1.25 and you can have variety and still stay under one month of store-bought cookies ;-)


Joy said...

So true, we can bake so many more cookies at home for so much cheaper plus so VERY much healthier!

Donna said...

Oh yes- the healthier part!!!
I don't know if I even mentioned that...shame on me!