Friday, April 8, 2011

Ever nag your dh? Perhaps you shouldn't ;-)

I must confess that I have often nagged my dh about his pop habit. Its costly (not frugal), not good for you, and he drinks the diet kind which I think is worse....blah blah blah....

Well, despite my nagging, he kept drinking- and I kept logging in the Coke Reward Points!
(..for years now..)

Look what I got with them!

The picture doesn't do them justice! They are so much shinier than they appear! And yes, stainless steel!

Shame on me for nagging! ;-)

Got Coke drinkers around you? Ask them for their codes!
(My kids have even picked them up in I have used the points before for free movie/game rentals at Blockbuster.)
Oh and- no shipping charges- 100% free!


Joy said...

Wow that is AMAZING!!!! so I guess some good has good out of his habit?? :)

Donna said...

lol, Yes. My lips are zipped! ;)