Friday, April 8, 2011

A Great NATURAL Alternative for Acidity Troubles...

My dh has been plagued for years with stomach issues. He's had medicines and scopes and the whole 9 yards but battling with this myself during pregnancies and off and on the last year or so, I read up a little on the medicines, prescribed and over-the-counter, and I didn't like what I found.

I bought this product and asked him in my nice, sweet, caring wifely way if he would try it. It works!

I tried it myself last week and it worked for me too!

But not just for that problem- for LOTS of other tummy troubles too! (We won't get graphic ;-)
But you can follow the link here to Amazon and read the maker's claims:

We love it! Its all natural and all safe! Woo hoo!


Joy said...

My dad uses this all the time, I think I am going to start as well. But the funniest thing is we use this on our barrel racing horses, its great for preventing ulcers due to stress on them!! Emillees new horse doesn't miss a day without this stuff! :)

Donna said...

Ah neato!

How in the WORLD do you get a horse to drink it? :-)

Joy said...

Well we put it on her feed, she laps it up. Well let it soak in the feed first, and no problem she eats it all and licks it up!! LOL