Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Extras...

Sunday was Mother's Day and it just seems that day could not slip by without a 'cute' comment from a kiddie!

My 11 year old was chatting away and then told me that his brother told him that sissy would have had a twin.
I said, "Yes, you already know that story."

(You gotta know this kid-- he was talking long before he could form words! He'll bring up the rocks in the driveway just to have something to talk about! )

He then said that his brother also told him that I had miscarried another baby before the oldest of his brothers were born. Again I said, "Yes now, you know all about these stories."

He thought for a minute and then added; "Well, just how many EXTRAS would we have around here if you had, had all those babies?"

I laughed until tears were dripping!

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