Friday, June 10, 2011

Lard and Cracklin'....

 We love lard- real lard.
Here's a post about how I rendered some last year.
I get a big kick out of this process, especially if good pork is available.
Pork that's been naturally raised is said to have the wonderful Vitamin D!

And then- there's the cracklings! I let everyone have a few, then I freeze them up for cornbread. No waste!


Gina said...

Wow! We butcher and make our own lard but it is rare to find someone who does! Way to go!

Donna said...

Thank U Gina!
I love homemade lard!
Yeah- I'm kinda odd that way :-)
I don't know anyone else who does it either- I'm tickled to know that you do! Now I don't feel so odd anymore!!

I also do it with beef fat too- which is my fave, but dh prefers the lard. I have posted about it before. You'd do it the same way except once its rendered down, it's done. You can't get more out like you can with pork.

April said...

My mom and dad raised a hog every year, then had it butchered and put in our deep freezer for meat all winter. My mom would make her own lard to, and me and my sister loved the cracklings! Thanks for the great memory.

Donna said...


Why you're welcome! ;-)
That must have been so neat to raise your own.

I'm amazed at how soft homemade cracklings are versus the near tooth-breaking kind at the store!