Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sneakin' More Greens...

Leftover turnip greens were chopped small and 'hidden' in our Corn Chowder. No one noticed!
Soup is a great place to hide these darker and stronger tasting greens.


Ma said...

I love hiding greens! I sometimes hide some in meatballs, too.

Donna said...

Good idea!
I usually hide ground liver in those :-)

Ma said...

Liver? I don't think I have ever had it!

I do hide ground turkey in them, though:)

Donna said...

liver is very good for you. High levels of vitamin D and A...but it kind-of is an acquired taste. (Very strong.)

Walmart often has it in their deli and its cooked quite dark, but it makes the taste much milder. KFC and other chicken places serve it a little less 'cooked' and its taste is more prominent.

My older 3 don't care for it, they never had it much when they were younger 3 however, have had it for the paste several years and will gobble it up!

But I buy it raw, grind it up, and toss it in ground beef recipes often. I have a pack of beef liver from a butcher frozen, that I'm just dying to try! -Think I'll go thaw it! ;-)

The Prudent Homemaker said...

Great idea for turnip greens! I stick green in minestrone soup.

I have also blended them in with potatoes in a potato soup (with onions as well). It makes the soup green, but the children all think it is delicious!

Donna said...

I bet minestrone is great with greens!

These were leftovers- so they didn't turn my soup. Glad you mentioned that- I would have been shocked if it had turned green!