Friday, June 3, 2011

A Suggestion for Summer Reading....

These books are a great read for girls and boys, but lean more towards girls.

A friend of mine suggested them and we checked several out from our local library for reading out loud at 'story time'.

Grandma helps her granddaughter learn lots of neat lessons as she tells many stories from her youth. Many of Grandma's stories involve her two brothers as well- so boys like these stories too.

These books also tuck "God" and the Bible in here and there, as well as simple matters of conscience, which make them good for character building.


Amelia said...

My girls loved Grandma's Attic books too. I also noticed you have The Millers in your sidebar, that is a favorite series of ours too. We have most if not all of them.

Donna said...

The Millers are our favorites!

I think there's 1 or 2 that we don't have. I'd love to see them do a HUGE series!

I really love how they tie a Scripture into every lesson!!

Amelia said...

Yes, us too! Have a nice day! : )