Monday, June 6, 2011

Belated Menu Plan for Monday:

 My frugal tip for this week: make bone broth on the weekend to use in soups through the week!

- Sammy's, blueberries
- Steak Casserole, romaine salad from the garden, blueberries
snacks: ice cream cones, Lemon-cranberry muffins

- kids choice
- Liver and onions, blueberries
- Grilled hamburgers, blueberries
snacks: ice cream cones, buttermilk apple pie smoothies (yeah, i know, but it works!)

- fried eggs, toasted breakfast bread
- Beef Stew, candy
- Grilled Frugal Steak, baked potatoes, steamed sugar snap peas from the garden
snacks: mango-peach cream pops from the freezer, Chocolate Silk Pie

-scrambled eggs, toast, homemade jelly
-turkey and cheese sandwiches, cup of homemade pumpkin soup (like this), watermelon
- Wheat-n-buckwheat Pancakes, maple sausage, orange juice (garden day, need quick supper)
snacks: watermelon smash, buttered popcorn

-kids' choice
- cup of leftover soup, cheese sandwich, frozen cranberry slush
- beef patties, turnips and greens from the garden, gingered carrots, choc-chip wheat muffins
snacks: raisins and peanuts, muffins

- oatmeal
- Corn Chowder w/ turkey ham, Braided Swiss Bread, violet jelly
- Brandy's Tacos, refried beans, homemade lemonade
snacks: Real Pumpkin Cakes, chips and salsa

- homemade french toast sticks from the freezer
- Hamburger Soup With Amish Bread , peach cobbler
- Roasted Chicken with potatoes and carrots, turnips and greens from the garden, canned pineapple
snacks: Banana Pudding, sliced apples

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