Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Griddle a Day Helps Keep the Heat Away...

I received on of these years ago as a gift...and I thought I'd never use it at the time. I'm glad I held onto it!
It's great to make English Muffins, Pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, even hamburgers and sausage and things like that. And once its off- the heat is gone! Not so with the oven! Ugh!

I also use one of these on the stove top...and one time, I thought I'd never use one of these, but you wouldn't believe how good it cooks up hamburgers and salmon patties for a houseful! (Just in case you were wondering how many frying pans I used when I cooked up some sort of pattied meat! ;-)


Arden said...

I have multiples of lots of things in my kitchen. I have two bread machines, 3 waffle irons, 2 griddles and doubles of all my sauce pans. All bought at the thrift stores though.

Donna said...

Mrs. Arden,
Sounds like you have a great system!
Love thrift stores! I've got some great goodies from them too. I could use a double of a few things...dh says I need two ovens!
I'm afraid that I'd just double burn!

Della said...

I love my griddle...possibly more than a person should. I rarely fry anything in a skillet anymore! Sausage patties and Hamburgers don't shrink near as bad on a griddle than in a skillet and I HATE to clean a skillet after frying stuff!

Donna said...

I love mine too Della. I laugh at myself now, thinking of the years that I let one of them sit up in the closet.

I couldn't fry cornbread fast enough without it now! ;-)