Sunday, July 24, 2011

Have You Noticed My Silence About Once a Month Shopping?

If you have....its because I haven't done it! ;-)

I have something else up my sleeve these days.

For quite some time, I've shopped, always replenishing the flour, bean, corn, sugar, etc buckets. I keep the bigger bottles of seasonings and when I need salt, I buy about 4. I've also put some of Brandy's tips in play, and I've stocked up on canned goods and tucked them away under my son's bed downstairs. When things went on sale, I bought extras; such as a case of spaghetti sauce when it went on sale for .59 a can.

So- I've had a good supply here (and some garden food) and I decided to take advantage of it and do something different! I've been saving up for months, living mostly from food storage, and will be buying half an angus next month! Yah!

I've bugged the butchers half to death telling them of all my special desires. "I want all the bones you can get. I want all the organs. Make sure you get me some marrow bones for roasting! (mmmm!) I want all the fat to render..... Yes all the bones you can. I want big ones for soup and small ones for dogs!"

You know what they told me? "We can't get the head."   "Uhm, that one's okay. I'm not up to making head cheese .....yet."    ;-)

But, doing this, I get grass fed beef and it will work out to somewhere around $1.99 per pound (hanging weight). It will certainly be better than store prices right now and I will get some special cuts that dh and these boys will certainly appreciate!

Oh- And did I mention that I worked a free freezer into the deal? Yeah. It was part of another special that this place has I asked could I have one with the deal I wanted! ...NEVER hurts to ask.... He said he had one that had been used for a couple of months that he would let me have. Sweet!

So...there's my story about why I've been quiet about Once-a-Month-Shopping. Once this is taken care of, I will need to replenish the buckets, frozen fruits and veggies, canned goods, and baking supplies. But this has been another benefit to learning to store up food for longer periods of time.

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