Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kitchen Tip: Cheating on Your Jelly-making

Making grape jelly this year? Would you like to make it a little easier? Got a juicer? Food processor? If so, then you can cheat too!

Juice your grapes and add enough water to bring the liquid to about 5 cups or process in your food processor and press and strain. Easy as that!

The juicer will give you a less clear jelly, but a good trade-off in my opinion :-) (5 minutes vs. about 45- I'll take it! ;-)


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

BRILLIANT! I have not thought of this and my husband just recently bought and started using a juicer! Thank you - I will be trying this out very soon!

Donna said...

Hope it works great for you Gretchen!

I love my juicer!