Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Once-a-month-shopping: FRUIT

I wanted to share what I did this month for our 'fruits' with you and how I'm going to stretch them out over the month. This first week or so we'll have- berries, bananas, and grapes. Those were the best priced. They will be eaten with breakfast, alongside scrambled eggs or on top of pancakes or oatmeal. They will be served in small portions (old yogurt cups) after meals as well. When they begin to get old, they'll be tossed in smoothies for breakfast (freezing leftovers for 'pops'). If there are leftover bananas, they'll be frozen and used later for banana bread or dropped in smoothies- they add yummy natural sugar!

For the rest of the month I bought a bag of frozen strawberries and I have a little frozen blueberries and blackberries leftover. I also have two and a half quarts of frozen blackberries from our bushes this year. And I hope I have about 3 bags of frozen apples from the orchard last year.

I also bought some dried fruit. I did a little searching to find out which fruits had the highest nutrition when they were dried. (I love this site! Be sure to scroll down the page once you've entered your food of choice.) But after some digging, I elected raisins and prunes.They are both very sweet which will satisfy the sweet tooth of my children and they are packed with lots of goodies that I never knew they had!

Prunes- 12 grams of fiber per serving! But not only that- Do you know how much vitamin k they have???? They also supply a nice amount of several other vitamins and minerals. The trick will be hiding them here and there and making them appetizing. Chopped in muffins, on cooked cereal is where I LOVE them, and maybe some sauces.

Raisins- 6 grams of fiber is pretty good for starters, but did you know they have 17% of your required daily iron? They also have 35% of your daily potassium. Not so bad, huh?

But you know what's really great about these two foods?
Uh huh- they're both quite frugal too!
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Joy said...

I love prunes as well! My kids would rather just eat a plum, but I do love prunes. I also didn't know what good they had when dried. I have always been afraid of many dried fruits because of the sugar content. My children used to love raisins but not anymore I can't get them to eat them at all even hidden they seem to "find" them!
Thanks for sharing the site!

Donna said...

You're right, they are high in sugar. I try to chop them up and use them to sweeten something- muffins and cereal and the like. Wonder if they'd chop up in smoothies? ;-)

I love them too- in hot cereal, especially with nuts!