Monday, September 5, 2011

Menu Plan for Sept-

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday!
I got to go do some heavy shopping for the first time in about 3 months, since saving for the cow. That was a very worthy venture and an added bonus to once-a-month shopping and doing food storage.
My frugal tip of the week: Buy in bulk! It saves LOTS of money 'per ounce' and 'per gasoline' in your  tank!

-scrambled eggs, pineapple
-leftover beef stew, Dusted Cocoa Cookies
-fried livers, potato salad
snacks:donuts, Impossible Pumpkin Pie

-Impossible Pumpkin Pie
-shaved turkey and cheese sandwiches, milk, raisins
-hamburgers, sesame chips
snacks: chocolates, strawberries, bananas

-scrambled eggs and applesauce
-sloppy joes, carrot and celery sticks, raisins
-Lemon-Pepper Salmon, romaine salad, seasoned brown rice
snacks: leftover cookies, strawberries, Amazing Peanut Butter Bars

-peanut butter (spelt) pancakes, homemade grape syrup
-spaghetti, Artisan Bread
-oven fried chicken thighs, BBQ baked potato wedges, mapled carrots
snacks:pumpkin seeds, Chunky Cherry (kamut) Muffins

-soaked oatmeal
-BBQ chicken legs from the crockpot, cole slaw, peas and carrots
-Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, fried okra
snacks:bananas w/ almond butter, Brown Sugar Cookies

-Kamut English muffins, jam
-potato soup topped with crumbled bacon, Hard Rolls, jelly
-Poor Man's Steak, romaine salad, chick peas
snacks: Applesauce Pudding, blue corn chips w/ melted habanero cheese

-Bug Oats
-soft tacos w/ lettuce and tomatoes, refried beans
-Cheesy Meat and Potatoes Casserole, swiss chard, Artisan Bread Rolls
snacks:Raisin Bread, chocolate pudding


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

sounds yummy! I have some Kamut and I haven't used it yet, but you have inspired me to make some English muffins. So thank you.

Donna said...

You're so welcome! ;-)
Kamut is VERY good used in the place of rice or pasta too.

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