Thursday, October 6, 2011

This Month's Shopping, Jabbering and So Much More...Like Masa Flour

I mostly worked on fruits and veggies this month (canned and frozen), as everything was GONE from my pantry and freezer. Last month I restocked flours, baking soda and powder, salt, beans, rice, etc.
This is some of what I bought this month and some explanations.
-50lbs potatoes
-40lbs apples
-several bags of onions
-.69 squash (several pounds)
-about 40 lbs of frozen veggies
(my garden gave me some for fresh through the summer, but not enough for freezing much)
-several 5lb bags of frozen fruits
-25lbs of sugar
-2 jars of honey
-1 container of molasses
-10lbs carrots
-4lbs cabbage
-12 dozen eggs (this will last for about 2 weeks)
-5 lbs oatmeal
-5 lbs bananas
-canned items
(chili beans, pineapple, evap milk, beets, etc)

The purchases to jabber about-
masa flour
This is worthy of conversation!
Not only is it pre-soaked in lime (as Nourishing Traditions speaks of) but it also has some goodies in it!
Per 100g , which is about 3/4 cup, you have;
-6.7 grams of fiber (fiber is a good way to tell if flour and meal are whole grain)
-6.9 grams of protein (this is great, and (from what I've read) when combined with a legume, it's a complete protein
-10% of your daily calcium
-10% of your daily iron
Regular corn meal cannot compare to this, as most of its nutritional content is what has been 'added'.
Read the ingredients on their bags to see what I mean ;-)
Masa flour is easy to use and its not textured like "meal"- it is "flour".
(Here are 3 recipes (scroll down)that I've posted with it before. This makes good tortillas too, but it will work so many other ways.)
I think masa is better stored in the freezer too, since it is the whole grain, whereas regular cornmeal is stripped to prolong its shelf life.

Another interesting purchase I made, I can hardly believe myself. You see, it's not something that I've ever cooked before. My kids however saw one at the Butcher's once and I promised them that I would try one sometime in the future.
Several have also recently read Lord of the Rings. Do you remember a dish they prepared in that story? (No, not Smeagol's fish.) Come on- think, think, think. With thyme, sage, and bay leaves? (For some of us- Hasenpfeffer might ring a bell.) 'Coney' ring a bell? Yes, a rabbit for Rabbit Stew. 
I think Bugs Bunny's Hasenpfeffer sounds like a great way to cook it!
Dh said he wouldn't eat it and I almost backed out because I didn't want to waste- but- sigh, I did make a promise to them and my word was more important - I plan to fix a pot of beans and cornbread to have on stand-by!
(And I can ALWAYS smuggle it into something ;-)

Anyone else use masa or cook rabbits?
Care to share recipes?


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Now you are making me think we should get rabbits or meat.

Donna said...

They say they're very frugal to raise and a lot of folks love the meat... gulp!

Joy said...

NEAT O!! We have had wild rabbit before, its just like chicken everyone says here!

I also bought alot of apples this month. What do you plan to do with all yours? We will eat several Im sure, but I need to include them in my menus as well. I was so happy to see the price of 50lbs of potatoes this month! 10.99 WOOHOO they have been so high! Looks like you had a great shopping trip!

Donna said...

We will eat most I think. If they start to turn, I will freeze and applesauce them.

I slice them daily for snacks. They can eat 3 or 4 in one setting.

I also will make Apple Bread and maybe Apple Cake.

I may try the peanut butter dip with kefir instead of yogurt and see how that goes over. (kefir, peanut butter, honey)