Saturday, October 8, 2011

Was the garden worth it?

Our garden did not do well this year, primarily due to bad weather. The spring FLOODED- several times. We had bad storms that turned over the corn- not once- not twice- but three times! Then when summer finally got in full swing- NO RAIN. Like 6 to 8 long, hot weeks with no rain.

So- was it worth the tilling and the weeding?
(In 100+ temps mind you!)
Well- these were pulled this week:

There's almost 20 pounds of squash alone! The price of this versus the price in the store would more than pay for all the seeds that I bought. (A dear friend gave me a bunch this year-that was a blessing!)
I also got several pounds of corn- despite the storms, okra for many meals, lettuce for many salads, several radishes, beets for about 5 meals, swiss chard for several meals, several handfuls of green onions, a few tomatoes, a few summer squash, a sack of carrots, a pound or two of sunflower seeds, grapes for about 6 pints or so of jelly, blackberries for two large cobblers, some raspberries and blueberries for fresh eating, turnips and greens- enough to freeze several pounds of the turnips, leeks are growing- enough for 2 or 3 meals, and okra, romaine, green onions, chard, and a few beets are still growing...not to mention I have plenty of basil, thyme, oregano, and dill that I've used and froze.
The amount of fresh herbs that I've picked would have likely cost me over $20!

So- to answer the question of was it worth it- even with the bad weather and the poorer than usual results- YES!
I got way more out of it than I put into it and without a bunch of chemicals- but I must say, the thing I enjoy the most about gardening is that time of work with and for my children.
I have 6 children, 5 of them are boys. I want them to grow up knowing, that no matter how tough life may get, they can feed their family with a little dirt, seeds, water, and work!


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I absolutely agree. No matter how much produce I get the garden is always worth it - even if it is for the lessons and the work.
Also, do you not have problems with squash bugs? They are awful where I am. If you have them how do you get rid of them. And if you don't - good for you!

Donna said...

Yes, I have a HUGE problem with them too! Grr! That and powdery mildew have hit the summer squash for the past 2 years, taking them out very quickly.

They must not like the cooler I have some growing now that are slow (cool weather) but they aren't dying!

I was told to use malathion (chemical) another told me Ecosmart.

I haven't tried either.

Some say, if you can keep your plants covered until they blossom that it will help.

Treasures Evermore said...

I ask myself the same question every on the west coast and with so much rain...I never seem to turn out a good garden...but whatever does happen to grow, it always tastes amazing.

Donna said...


Have you ever tried planting on hills???? It is a bit of work up front, but it can help this problem.

I get a great sense of satisfaction in being able to say to the boys - "we grew that" and "your work produced this". I love working with them too. I find it VERY helpful with the teens!