Monday, November 28, 2011

Local Grocery Sales...

Just the highlights:

Hunt's Pasta Sauce 10/$10
5lb flour $1.99
Boneless,Skinless Kroger Chicken Breasts $1.99
Kroger 12 to 16oz Cheeses $2.99
Milk $2.79 gallon
12 double rolls Northern $5.99
Chicken of the Sea Tuna .69
24oz Cottage Cheese/Sour Cream $1.99
Ground Beef $1.99
3lb Tangerines $1.99
Avocados 10/$10
Cabbage .49
Tomatoes on the Vine $1.49

Food Lion:
assorted bulk apples .99
Hellmann's B1G1F
24oz ketchup .89
Gwaltney Bacon B1G1F

Aldi (as starting on the 30th):
Boneless Ham Steak $1.69
Frozen Broccoli Cuts .85
Bay Scallops 5.99
Smoked Gouda or Edam $2.99
NY Extra Sharp White Cheddar 2.69
Cooking Spray $1.29
Confetti Cake Mix .99
Holiday Frosting $1.29
Gingerbread House $6.99
Rice Krispies Holiday House Kit $4.99

***My personal notes***
Prices on baking supplies usually go down within a week to two weeks of Christmas. That's a great time to stock up on chocolate chips, butter, and hopefully self-rising flour can be found in bulk at Sam's during that time too! (It isn't usually but can be found at Cash-n-Carry, usually, and I often get the discounted bags.) Also, keep looking at the deals on turkeys and hopefully hams will drop closer to Christmas as well. It would be a good time to stock some in your the freezer! (I bought 6 last month and we're down to 4!)   Also eggs are .49 at Aldi last I checked and butter was down to $1.99. I hope the butter comes down even more!


Arden said...

I have found self rising flour for cheap at Kroger. I don't remember exactly the price but it was good enough to buy several.
I use it for biscuits only so we don't go through a ton.

Donna said...

I have too, several times. But I don't think it is as fresh at our Kroger :-(
Guess you and me are the only biscuit makers :-)

Do you grind wheat Arden?