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Our Jesus Box:

The correct name for this is "A Box Of Blessings" and was written by Kathy Collard Miller. It is featured in Lettie Kirkpatrick Burress's book;  "Taking Back Christmas and Other Family Celebrations".
Her book is there for $10 and is a great investment for every mother seeking to keep Christ at the center of her home. (This is not an affiliate link but I do have Mrs. Burress's permission.)

I had the privilege of meeting Mrs. Burress years ago at a women's workshop, Keeping Holidays, Holy Days. The ticket was a very precious gift to me from a lady that helped shape my Christian "mothering", Mrs. Pat. There are some things that you don't get over, I didn't get over the gift the Lord sent me in Mrs. Pat and I didn't get over the things I learned from Mrs. Burress's conference.
Funny, I only had 2 little boys then, but now 6 kids have been so shaped by what I learned. This box, worn and tattered as it is, gets brought out for every Christmas and is so cherished by all of my kids. (But they are asking me to make a new one ;-) But as you can see, I put this together as frugally as possible. You can even use prints of these objects instead of the real thing if you don't have them handy. You can also add verses and more to your daily 'present'.
I pray that you all would find the Blessing in this Box of Blessings!
The following are the instructions as I have them from years ago, as best I can still read them. The first day of December, we get the box out and it goes from there.

"Present #1 A large wrapped box containing 24 gift-wrapped presents. READ: We are going to be opening little presents for 24 more days. God gave us the most precious gift of all, His Son Jesus. (John 3:16) Have each of us received this gift of Jesus into our lives?
Present #2 Several pieces of any kind of food.  READ: Does food always stay the same even after a long time? No, it changes when it gets old, doesn't it? But Jesus never changes; He is always the same. (Hebrews 13:8) Why do you think it is important that Jesus never changes?
Present #3 A heart shaped object. Hearts remind us of love. We love others, but did you know that God loves us even more? (1Corinthians 13:4-7) How many things about love can we find in these verses?
Present #4 A piece of soap. READ: Jesus washed His disciples' feet to show them that they should be servants to each other. (John 13:5) How can we be a servant to each other?
Present #5 A piece of flat bread for each person. (Matzo works!) READ: Jesus was tempted just like we are. (Matthew 4:1-11) When we are tempted, how can we resist the Tempter like Jesus did? 
Present #6 A small candle or flashlight. (I use a tiny b-day candle.) READ: Both a candle and a flashlight give light. (Matthew 5:16) How can we be a light so that other people can see Jesus in us?
Present #7 A little Bible or tiny Scripture booklet. READ: God gives us His words in the Bible (2 Timothy 3:16) How does the Bible help us to live the Christian life?
Present #8 A piece of modeling clay. READ: We can mold this piece of clay into whatever we want it to be. Sometimes we want to be like the people of the world but Jesus wants to mold us into His image. (Romans 12:12) Are there some things we do that are like the world and not like Jesus?
Present #9 Scissors. READ: With scissors, we can cut out crowns for us to wear. (Have construction paper available for crowns.) Jesus promises to give heavenly crowns to those who still love Him even when sad things happen to them. (James 1:12) What sad thing has happened in each of our lives? Do we still love Jesus?
Present #10 A toy boat. READ: The disciples were afraid they would die in a storm. (Mark 4:35-40) Are we afraid of something? What does God say about fear?
Present #11 A small battery. READ: A battery gives a flashlight the power to produce light. Similarly, the Holy Spirit gives us the power to live a Christian life and have the fruit of the Spirit. (Galatians 5:22,23) What are the fruits of the Spirit? How can we have the fruits of the Spirit?
Present #12 A penny for each person. READ: God fave us everything we need and wants us to give a part of it back to Him. (2 Corinthians 9:7) What can each of us give to God? Does God want us to be happy or sad when we give to Him?
Present #13 A plastic lid. READ: We usa a lid or seal to keep something inside a jar or other container. (Ephesians 1:13) Who does God use to seal our salvation within us?
Present #14 A rubber band. READ: See this rubber band? When we pull and stretch it, it becomes tight. That's a good example of how we feel inside when we worry. If we don't stretch it, the rubber band is soft and relaxed. (Philippians 4:6-7) God wants us to relax in Him. If we are uptight, what do we need to so so that we can relax inside?
Present #16 A blank piece of paper with "sin" erased off. READ: When you make a mistake in writing, you can erase it and start over again. When you do something wrong, called sin, you can ask Jesus to forgive you and He will forget all about it. You can start over again. (Ephesians 4:32) What is something each of us did wrong lately that Jesus has forgiven us for?
Present #17 Empty. READ: Were you surprised to find this present empty? So was Peter when he found the tomb of Jesus empty. (John 20 1 9) Jesus was born so that He could grow into manhood and die for our sins and then be resurrected from the dead. What does resurrected mean? Jesus is alive- how does that affect our lives as Christians?
Present #18 A cotton ball with perfume on it. READ: This smells good, doesn't it? What Jesus did for us, by dying for our sins, smelled good to God. (Ephesians 5:2) What nice thing have each of us done lately that smells good to God?
Present #19 A plastic or toy angel. READ: An angel will announce when Jesus comes back to earth to take His children to heaven. (1 Thessalonians 4:16) Do each of us know that we are going to heaven? How can we know for sure?
Present #20 A match. READ: The deeds we do are either valuable or worthless. (1Corinthians 3:12, 13) What deeds are each of us doing that will be considered good in heaven? What deeds will be judged worthless and burned up?
Present #21 A picture of a neighbor or friend. READ: God uses the word "neighbor" to mean everyone. (Galations 5:14) He wants us to love everyone. Do we have a hard time loving everyone?
Present #22 A happy face sticker. READ: Is there something you can do to make God happy? (Colossians 3:20) What are some ways each of us can be obedient today?
Present #23 A tiny piece of concrete. (I have a piece of hardened play-doh.) READ: The foundation of a house is usually made from concrete. It is put in first before the house is built. (Luke 6:47-49) Is Jesus our foundation? Is He first in each of our lives?
Present #24 A tiny globe or picture of the earth. READ: God made the earth and everything in it. That includes each of us. (Genesis 1:1 Psalm24:1?)
Present #25 A photograph of each child when they were a baby.  READ: You used to be a baby, didn't you? So was Jesus. Just as you are growing up, Jesus grew up so that He could one day become our Savior. (Luke 2:1-20) What do you want to be when you grow up? In what way can each of us continue to have the Christmas spirit every day of the year?"
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