Monday, January 16, 2012

Blade Buddy Giveaway:

Have you heard of these? 
Blade Buddy is a product created to make your blades last longer. 
Used regularly, it will extend the life of your razors and reduce those nasty nicks and cuts.
The Blade Buddy only takes a few seconds of your time and it simply requires that you run your blade across it 15-20 times. Not a bad exchange for your time since now your blade will last you months, instead of days.
 It is not meant as a "sharpener" for dull blades, but rather a maintenance for new ones.
And if you're concerned with all things Green, you will love this product because it will significantly reduce your plastic waste from razors.

Blade Buddy generously sent me 2 to try.
One I kept in my shower (yah me!) and my razor is now up to "weeks" of use!
(Yah, frugal me, again!)

THE OTHER ONE I will give to a lucky winner that will be selected by on Saturday, January 21, 2012. The winner will be announced here and contacted by email so BE SURE to leave your addy below AND you must follow the instructions for entry.

You must visit GetBladeBuddy and paste and copy me their 1-800 number in your post below. 
You must "like" Blade Buddy on Facebook and come back and post again to let me know that you did.
Thanks Blade Buddy!
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Joy said...

Neat O! I have never heard of the Blade Buddy! Thanks for the chance!

M & M said...

fascinating. would love to try this.

M & M said...

also liked them on Facebook.

Arden said...


Add me in!