Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ceramic Knives- my latest toy

Have you heard of ceramic knives? I hadn't until I was sent a free one. It is sort of like the one below except it's orange. :-)

 I didn't expect it to be sharp and neither did one of my boys who regretted rubbing his finger down the blade. Yeah. He thought it was like a plastic knife like you would see at McD's or somewhere and it got him :-( 
But on the other hand- it's the sharpest knife in the house! 

My stainless steel knives usually have to really be forced to cut things like polish sausage and by the time they get through the meat, the skin of the sausage usually is just torn on the back side....not a good clean cut. But this ceramic knife cuts clean through....in fact...my boys are just WAITING and MOCKING for me to get cut. (I'm known for getting cut on the strangest, dullest things- from very dull butter knives to a bar of soap. Yes, I know, I have achieved the impossible!)

But the precious thing to me is- I'd been wanting a good knife and this one just sort of landed in my lap. I hope I can get some more later! The one above is part of the Amazon 4 for 3 deal. It's a special promo you can find under "Special Offers and Promotions" which is under the product's picture. You buy 4 (of any products) with that promo add and you get the cheapest of the 4 for free! Sweet!


Joy said...

Ive NEVER even seen a ceramic knife or heard about one either. Neat!

Donna said...

It's really weird, but you'd never think they're that sharp. It doesn't have the same kind of edge or something.

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