Monday, January 9, 2012

A Nice Quiet Evening....

It's been chilly and foggy-rainy today, but cozy. We started back to school and had a longer day than normal- getting back in the swing always adds extra time, doesn't it? Then we had to review where we left off in Story of the World (Vol 3), our Latin vocabulary, and a couple forgot about verbs!

But tonight- all is calm and quiet as they have their 1 hour of free time.

2 of them have learned to play a whole song on the harmonica this evening, using lessons from this site. I marked it on my Frugally Free Home School Page too if you need it later, but I was quite impressed at how quick, direct, and fast the lessons are and thought one or two of you might like to see them.

It's nearly supper time too- and I don't even have the oven good and hot! Guess I better get with it.;-)


Joy said...

How SUPER cool is that!!! I am so glad you found this NOW Bry can learn to play an actual song! LOL :) Do you have a site for free piano lessons?

Donna said...

If you don't know anything about the keys, here's a very good elementary place to start:

Here's a list of others on the same site, but I haven't figured out just what should come next yet...and I need to!

There's some things here if you already know some;

And some videos here: