Friday, January 6, 2012

The Greenleaf Orchid Dollhouse

Usually after Christmas we spend about a week playing games, working puzzles, watching videos and the like but this year we had a new project!
By the Lord's grace, I was able to purchase one of these right at Christmas for about $18. We had so much fun with this!

(Note- Hobby Lobby is running weekly 40% off coupons STILL but you must print from the internet before you go!)

 I hope you enjoy the video and if you have some young-ens around, I think they'll enjoy this cute little song!
*A special thanks to Brandy, for the beautiful dollhouse printables!


Joy said...

LOVE IT!! My oldest has a dollhouse from Hobby Lobby as well. We got it for her at Christmas about 3 years ago. We didn't actually get it put together for her until last year! We didn't put it together we paid 5.00 and let the prison where my brother worked build it. It took them about 5 months. She absolutely LOVES it. It is the favorite toy of hers. We were able to buy her doll furniture for Christmas at Hobby Lobby too! We waiting until it was all 50% off, now we are waiting to get the dolls, hopefully for her Birthday! We play with it all the time just her, my youngest and ME!! ITs so much fun!
YOU all did a WONDERFUL job putting it together!
We still have printables to do for hers as well, Im trying to save those for bday presents as well!

Donna said...

Kemmie and Krestan had to help me! It took us a week!

The boys wish I could build them one like an army barrack ;-) If the Lord provides, I would love to do that, but they use mostly the 12 inch army figures and would need the smaller ones.

I used some of Brandy's printables but I also got a real old timey looking scrapbook paper on sale for parts of it too, in shades of pink (of course!).

The boys have also made some play furniture from some of the scraps.

With Em's bday coming up- you may wanna keep watch on their website, they are continuing that 40% off coupon.

She has the porcelain dolls, not the kind at Hobby Lobby. (plastic) I was able to get them with my Swagbucks and earnings from Amazon sales - praise the Lord!

I LOVE IT! I told her I wanted her to always keep it and take care of it and let all her babies and her brothers' babies play with it and keep it in the family and tell them all that we built it ;-)

A dollhouse is a family heirloom!

I always wanted her to have one. Brandy inspired me and the Lord provided. Praise His Name!