Saturday, January 7, 2012

A note about Netflix, the Coupon gadget on the side bar, and other stuff

1st- Did you know that if you haven't had Netflix for a year, they'll offer you another 1 month free trial? Be sure to check the email associated with your account!

2nd- Did you notice the coupon gadget on my sidebar? Just wanted to let you know that when you print coupons from that (or your other favorite blogs) it does give that blogger a little cha-ching! Thank you to those who have used it- you are a blessing!

3rd- I've been cramming trying to get this month's shopping and menus basically planned out- AND- trying to get 5 book lists together for this coming school semester. Oh what fun! .....Any of you doing this? Any of you have any special books you are planning on reading? Reading lists that you'd like to share? Sites that help you get things together?

1 comment:

Julie said...

There is a site called power of moms and they have a program called mind orgaization for moms or M.O.M. It is based on the getting things done book by David Allen. Both are great for organizing. Hope that helps.