Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Scavenger Hunt- for all of YOU!!!

How about a freebie for all of you?
Wanna Have Some Fun?
Remember the My Memories Suite Giveaway back in September? 
(And don't forget my special promo offer (code: STMMMS61766) on the side bar if any of you are interested in purchasing the entire suite!)

Well boy- I mean girls, ladies- do I have a fun surprise for YOU! -All of you!

See these below?

Those 3 packs are YOURS and all of you can have them!!!
If you're up to a little fun ;-)

First let me say that this will be a link to the MyMemories site and you will simply download these special png files. They are special, in that, you can use them COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT of the MyMemoriesSuite!
That means you can use them on ANY program on your computer! Which also means that ALL OF YOU can get them!
Now for THE BIG FUN- you have to find them! ;-)
Told you it would be fun!

I'm going to hide the links to the downloads in some old posts. I'll give you a clue to find each of them and you simply find the post and the link will be at the bottom and it will say: "Here's your first (second or third) special My Memories Link." Click on the link, it will take you to the special My Memories page and simply click the "click here to download" button. 
Woo hoo! Let the fun begin! 
Oh I just love to play games!

1st clue to first download: I posted about a book in 2008 on Gutenberg that I thought was really neat. It was called Science In the Kitchen. Hint: type in MRS. E.E. KELLOGG in my blog's search bar.

2nd clue to second download: Your second download is on the post of my family's favorite dessert. Hint: Look on the side bar.

3rd clue to third download: I posted a while back about an oddly-named Scripture memory activity that I was using with my kids. Hint: Type "zombie" in the search bar on my blog.

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