Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ground Beef by the Rolls

My neighbor told me about these rolls some time back and I couldn't find them. Thankfully, she told me again :-)
You have to ask to the butcher at Sam's for these. Yeah, just buzz him with that little button. 
These rolls are slightly shy of 9 1/2 lbs and are $2.64 per pound. That's not cheap, I know, but if you're going to buy ground beef, it might be the cheapest way to buy it (next to having your own cow :).

They also have the leaner rolls. 

I was able to slice about 40 patties per roll. That's about .61 per patty. 
They're super cold when you get them so they slice very easy with my Electric Knife
.I was able to flash-freeze them and store them all in zipper bags for quick fixes later.


Arden said...

I have beend doing this for years. One blessing of a large family is you learn not to be afraid to buy in bulk.
The price is even better by the case. Last week we paid $2.15 a pound for a 75# case. When we first started buying by the case we were paying $1.69 a pound. The chicken prices by the case at Sam's are not any better than the sale prices offered in my area. So I don't bother with that.

Donna said...

So what is the total price of the case? 150? 175?

I wasn't aware you could do that either! Wait til I tell dh!!!

I will have withdrawals when the children are grown- from buying in bulk! I can't imagine any other way now :-)

Joy said...

Donna my mom and dad have bought by case before too at SAMs. Prices do fluctuate but theirs was 180.00 last time they bought the case and it's cheaper by the case always too at our SAMs. I haven't bought any ground beef in forever would love to have some!

Donna said...

Neato Joy! Woo Hoo!
I had no idea!
We will have to do that some time. Dh says it's pretty good....not as good as Garrett's though :-)

Arden said...

I think I paid around $180.
They do case prices on a few different meats and chicken. But like I said, the prices vary a lot.
I know what you mean about buying in bulk. I will probably have to pawn off groceries to every adult child that visits someday.

Donna said...


Thank you Arden!
I'm certainly going to look into more of this- it seems the cheapest way to get it right now...and my dh is LOVING it! (We've been eating frugal chicken a lot lately.)