Thursday, March 8, 2012

When You Can't Build Raised Beds...

Just because I can't build raised beds, doesn't mean that I can't 'raise' the beds! 
Here's what we're working towards this year....and I can hardly WAIT until there's green all in it. 

It's raining and the little ditches are working very well to keep the lower end from flooding. Usually (every year) the lower corner washes out.
It looks like a giant chocolate bar, lol.

I got the idea from The Engineer's Garden on Brandy's site.

We worked in a manure-humus mix into each section as well. 
How did I frugally buy that?
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Joy said...

Smart thinking! You are a very wise woman. We also got our gardens worked again this week, one more time and we are ready to plant. I think since my kiddos are bigger this yar im going to take the leap and plant two good sized gardens. We want to be able to put up lts plus sell some as well. I'm hoping to plant next week and get our other seeds started inside as well! I love garden time, I could do without the weeds though lol.
Your garden spot looks great!

Donna said...

It's all draining in this rain today! And the beds are draining, none are standing in water- praise the Lord! Usually I have to plant some areas 2 or 3 times after spring rains, but this appears that it will eliminate that.

The tiller broke yesterday so I don't know when I can finish it...but I hope you can come back out when I get the yard all green!

You'll have your hands full with 2 big ones... all of my kids can semi- run the tiller now :-) (Can't keep it straight and it can get away from them, but they're learning!)

Weeds- ah- the work of sin! :-)