Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Garden is Thankful for Good Neighbors!

One of our neighbors has 'the touch' when it comes to small engines and was able to get the ole green machine back up and tilling again! 
Thank the Lord!
This week we've spent most of our time outside tilling, shoveling, and planting seeds. 
We also had some old hay from the dog barns that we strung across several areas to help control weeds. 
Weeds- the demons of gardens! Grr.
This hay also serves another purpose!
You see, one of our beagle's often 'marks' her hay. That hay was spread around the chain link fence. Why? Well, 'predator urine' is a good deterrent for some critters they say, like rabbits and field mice.
Wonderful to already see growth from out last tilling and planting session!

And yes, I went ahead and did all 'raised bed' styles without the expense of the boards and fillers. The reasons; to detour the beagles (I want their help, but not on the plants, if you know what I mean:), critters (the beagles can still get you, you little boogers!), ease of weeding and re-planting, and this will help with flooding rains and help keep the lower ends from washing out since they are higher now.  ....And it looks pretty!

Anyone else in the garden this week?


Joy said...

We have been all week. We planted eight rows if corn and four rows of green beans today. We also built our first raised bed from leftover wood from the barn for strawberries. We have 150 plants coming this weekend from my sister. We are so happy for them. We planted more lettuces today too. What all did you get planted? It looks great.

Donna said...

Yah for you and the raised bed for strawberries! Woo hoo!!! That's wonderful!

Seeded; turnips, beets, green beans, cherry tomatoes, kale, 3 kinds of chard, lettuce, thyme, basil, dill, nasturtium, marigold, pansy, cukes, zukes, yellow squash, sugar snap peas, peppers, and little dabs of this and that leftover from last year.

If dh will let me have those back corner patches again, I want tomato plants, pumpkins, and lots of winter squashes! :-)